C1 Art and (my) Life

This semester I have learned that sometimes the things that may seem difficult at first can actually become quiet manageable if broken done into simpler tasks and then focusing on that. Also, I learned that anything you set your mind to no matter how difficult is may be can actually become possible and maybe even fun.

There is no real definition of what art is to be exacts because to many people it could mean something completely different from anothers perspective. From attending class and going to the art exhibitions I have had the privilege of seeing many amazing works of art in person. From each of the others perspective art for them is expressed in a different way as it may, when  compared to that of other artists. For example in one of the art exhibitions I attended the artist thought that art was the expression of feeling through canvas while another one that sculptures is what art really is. So from this and other fun experiences regarding art, I believe that I have come to a better understanding of what it really is. We even had a class room discussing about what art really is and, I have to admit I was interested in knowing what other people thought it meant to them.

My understanding of art has really changed from what is was before I took this class, and these experiences have changed my perspective as from thinking of art as simply paintings and drawings to something that goes far beyond. One does not have to be majoring as an artist to be an artist but they can be creative and express themselves whether it is in their major or life in general. Furthermore, to be an artist could mean to look at something that is already known and using your creative and thinking skills to make something new out of it. Althougth from attending the SOA art galleries I saw many different kinds and shapes of art I noticed that all the artists had one thing in common. All of the art works that were in front of me could have looked completely distinct from one another but the artists creativity, emotion and expression that was put into their work each was unique and required a lot of ideas and to me that is a big part of what art means.

As a CSULB working towards a degree in computer science, I believe that art is very important because the same way that one thinks in a creative open mind can be helpful especially when you have know Idea were to start and hope you do the best to your ability. The eportfolio project, really helped me organize my thoughts about what I really was and what I have accomplished. It also guided me to a good start on my career path and I think it is cool that I now have an eportfolio to go back and update based on my growth as a person. Also, whenever I try to solve some problems when it comes to programming or math problems I am always trying to find new methods of solving the problem, even if I already know how to do it one way. I believe that it is important  to continue challenging yourself with new tasks especially the ones that you think your not good at and try to avoid. Working on the graffiti painting, and also the drawing and drinking projects was a bit of a challenge to me because I was never really a good painting and drawing. After seeing my final result I was more than glad to see that I did not fail as bad as I imagined I would, and looking back, it is something that was fun.


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