B2 – Design Thinking

3 Possible Future Me’s

Description: My first possible future although it does not mean it is the most likely to happen out of the three alternative futures chosen here, is to continue going to school as a CSULB student and doing all my work. Also continue working at a retail store for some income why also taking the time to read my textbook especially for history because I have an exam tomorrow. But that’s enough talk of the near future. My real goal in life is to major in computer science although I have the undeclared status at the moment. I plan On finishing all my math classes required for my major within the next Year and also science classes. After I get my BS I plan to internship for a job that will help me build my resume and work experience in my field. After working I plan to go on a long vacation to some place were there is a nice beach. After that I plan to go back to school and apply for Graduate school. After getting my masters I would apply to work for an amazing company like google or yahoo.

If he the current thing I was going to do disappeared tomorrow my plans would be altered a bit but my goal for being successful and having a great life would be the same. If computer science does not work out I would choose to be a chemist because I took a class earlier last semester and thought the topics that were discussed were really interesting. I would take all my higher division chemistry classes required; whatever is after organic chemistry that is, and also the required math and biology classes. Then after I graduated with my BS. I would apply for a job as a chemistry instructor, because this would help me get experience. Then maybe take a trip to Spain and return ready to start my graduate school application essay. From graduate school I would spend the time working in a lab trying to figure solutions to problems.

If I was financially secure I would travel the entire world and be the CEO of an amazing video game creator company like Activision. Here I would help bring great ideas to add to the games. And bring those Ideas that I created to great games like Call of Duty and Halo. But I would also try to graduate and get my degree in computer science to further my knowledge of the subject.


  • Future 1:
  • 1. Confidence
  • 2. Satisfaction
  • 3. Resources
  • 4. Impact
  • Future 2:
  • 1. Satisfaction
  • 2.Confidence
  • 3. Resources
  • 4. Impact
  • Future 3:
  • 1. Confidence
  • 2. Impact
  • 3. Resources
  • 4. Satisfaction

Rapid Prototyping

As I am striving towards my degree in computer science, practice has been a key part in my success in class and in the projects that I have to do. Whenever I have to work on a project I first try to understand want I have to do and what I can do. Looking at both my interest which are computer science and also chemistry I have talked to some professors here at Long Beach University and they have helped pursue the major for which they think is the best path. I also have gained some background on the different careers available for the two majors from past researches.


B1 – Art Experience – Plaster Casting

Setting up to do this project was more difficult than I thought although the outcome was pretty nice. So because I had never done any kind of casting for the most part and had no idea what plaster even was I took every step with caution. Getting the mold to stay together without falling apart every time I tried to remove my hand was difficult. I finally figured out that if I used wet sand it would stick better and remain intact. Overall this project got me a little worried because I only had so much plaster, but was happy with how everything turned out.