B-5 Graffiti Writing

Working on this graffiti was a lot of fun. I had never done any kind of graffiti especially using spray cans. The materials I used was a cardboard box and a few colors of spray cans, for my graffiti I first made a sketch of the idea I had for my name on a piece of paper and then I tested out the spray cans. I decided to make my name then decided to use large rounded words tilting to the right slightly. For my graffiti art I used the color purple and black for the outline, so it could stand out more. Then I used silver chrome spray paint to ad an even better 3D effect to the back. For the final background color I used green because I felt that it blended in to match with the grey and purple nicely. It took a few tries and re-layering to get the final result but I am happy to seeing how it came out.


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